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~`*124v3r's P4g3*`~



This Page is Dedicated the One I Once Loved

Things Never Happen The Way You Want Them To

~`*Feelings For Mai Ex*`~

Amanda I loved you so much,

but our love hurt me in such,

a way that i had to do away,

with the one i wanted to marry some day,

when i think of our love i sigh,

and it makes me wanna die,

cuz i let you go,

and away you go,

out of my life,

and away from the love,

that once brought us together like a power from above,

now your gone,

and you took my heart along.

!Cannot Replace!
I cannot replace,
your pretty face,
the way you used to look at me,
made me so happy,
you were my first true love,
like an angel from above,
now you fly from me like a dove,
and to the side i get shoved,
to you i was never number one,
it shows by what you have done,
deceive, cheat, and flirt,
with every action it hurt,
dont call my phone,
i wanna be alone,
leave me be,
so i can be happy,
i may never love once more,
cuz its you i will always adore,
my heart is now black to the core,
as i cry myself asleep on the floor.
Goodbye Letter
im sick of it.... never will i love another as i did you, and yet you knew that and threw it around like you felt this way towards more than one person, so fuck it. I am tired of treating you lik a queen only for you to treat me like shit...... what goes around comes around so you'll get yours one day, but i wont be there to see it unfortunately ....... if im gonna feel alone all the time might as well actually be alone..... Lamen terms........ i do not want to speak to you for a long long time and although my love for you still runs through my every vein, id rather deal with two weeks worth of excrutiating pain than living another day in the shadow of another guy. I gave you chance after chance, yes i messed up ONCE, i gave you two big chances to make things right and all u do is turn around and tell me "i dont wanna go out with you this summer", maybe i was right all along you have no devotion towards this relationship and you never will. Yes i may be jealous, but im only jealous cause u made me this way. Telling me all these situations you;ve been in with guys and how you "liked" them at the time, but not ne more. Im done with it all, your too confusing to me, i tried understanding you but you wont even allow your own mother to understand you ... let alone sumone you've been intiment with. I will miss your sweet kisses, the way you used to look into my eyes after every kiss wondering if you really loved me(i know thats what u were asking yourself) ,the way you smell and how soft your skin is, but i wont miss your antagonistic comments that were souly said to get me mad, or jealous. Deny it as you might AND WILL this is all true and whether you come to truth with it or not .... the truth hurts...... along with my heart............
Words From the Heart
hurts to break up.. she was stronger,
but i culdnt deal with that feeling any longer,
my friends told me to leave her tho,
and now i look back and i miss her soo,
these feelings eat me away,
and i know one day,
im gonna regret this is some way,
i love her still,
and i will not love again until,
the wound in my heart heals,
and the gap in my soul seals,
i am not whole anymore,
cuz i let her walk out that door,
where my life goes... i don't know,
all i knw is i let my unicorn go.

ThInGs WiLl NeVeR bE tHe SaMe